Helping Italy’s Medical Heroes Share their Stories

We thank all the medical professionals that have helped Italy through the worst of the Coronavirus pandemic.

But more than just words, we want to show our appreciation through actions, and give back to the community in some small way.

Are you a medical professional? To say thank you for your efforts during the Coronavirus pandemic TJ Taylor is offering you a free individual English course.

So we at TJ Taylor are launching Rainbow courses – these are individual English courses that are completely free of charge for medical professionals.


As a language school for companies we understand the importance of communicating internationally, especially as most medical research is written and shared in English.

Now that the peak is over, we hope that Rainbow courses will help Italian medical professionals communicate more easily and confidently with the rest of the world.

We want to help doctors and all medical staff explain, understand and write about research and their experience. To help them communicate as equals with other international medical professionals, which is inevitably through the shared language of English.

How does it work?

Your free course will be personalised to your needs, like all our corporate courses, so the language and situations learned will be as useful and applicable as possible.

And by videoconference, of course.

The courses can also be used to learn general Medical English, to help with speaking and understanding monolingual English speakers in Italy, to prepare for a research presentation, or a conversation using more specialised language.

If you are a medical professional in Lombardy and would like to start your free Rainbow course, just send us a message here mentioning Rainbow courses and we’ll follow up to organise everything.

Thank you

The pandemic has hit us all severely, and these are difficult and painful times for many. But Italian doctors, nurses and all health workers every day impress us with their resilience and heroic efforts.

It will be a privilege to help you share your stories and experiences with the world.

The courses have no hidden fees or conditions, they are completely free of charge – the same way you have helped us.

Want to help?

If you are one of our clients and would like to support this initiative, for example by donating training hours, we will match your donation and so double the number of hours you donate. We will also forward any message you would like to include.

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