Your Complete Survival Guide to Conference Calls in English

By JM Webster

Do you find conference calls difficult? Do you become stressed during the call? Do you freeze when you have to speak?

You’re not alone – many people find them difficult.

When you think about conference calls which of the following problems causes you anxiety:

• I don’t understand the accent of Mr McKay from Scotland / Mr Chopra from India.
• Too many people talk at the same time.
• If I don’t understand 1 or 2 words, I lose the meaning of the conversation.
• My English isn’t good enough / I freeze when I have to speak English
• The technology is difficult to use.

Sound familiar?

Common frustrations - copyright

This article will help you overcome these problems and provides some useful tips and common English phrases to help you with your next call.

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Your Guide to Teaching English in Italy

Teaching English in Italy can be a tremendously rewarding experience, especially as Italian adults are generally very gratifying students.

However, there are some common problems that it is important you are aware of, and some practices and Italian terms that you will find it useful to recognise.

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Your Complete Survival Guide to Business Meetings in English


Do you ever feel lost or scared when you’re in a meeting with other English speakers?

Even if you are comfortable speaking in front of others in your own language, expressing your thoughts effectively or leading a successful meeting in English can be difficult.

This survival guide will provide you with example English phrases and useful tips that you can use at your next business meeting.

I will also help you to prepare for the most common situations that you will face, and what to avoid.

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How to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking in English


It was 2 am and here I was, lying in bed awake, thinking about the presentation I had to make at 9 am.

I felt nervous. I wanted to sleep but I couldn’t.

My mind was obsessed with this presentation I had to make – it was the first time I had the chance to present my research at an international conference!

What could I do in my hotel room, waiting for the morning to come? Worry about the presentation? Agonize over the question session?

What would you have done? Have you ever felt like this?

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Language Teaching Methods: An Overview

What is the best teaching method for learning English?

According to academic research, linguists have demonstrated that there is not one single best method for everyone in all contexts, and that no one teaching method is inherently superior to the others.

Also, it is not always possible – or appropriate – to apply the same methodology to all learners, who have different objectives, environments and learning needs.

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8 Simple Steps to Increase your Confidence with English


Do you remember the last time you stood in front of an audience to speak?

You memorized what you needed to say, but you felt nervous, and perhaps your voice was shaky at the start.

Afterwards, you scanned the room to see if anyone liked your presentation, looking for feedback from the faces around. Your boss makes eye contact and you hope he didn’t notice how anxious you were.

Does this sound like you? Maybe you were in the same position not long ago?

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A, The or Nothing? How to Master English Articles in 2 Simple Steps


‘A’, ‘the’ and ‘an’ – these are called articles and they are the smallest words in English. But they cause some of the biggest problems.

By the end of this post you will understand how and when to use articles…but why are these small words so important?

Let me tell you the story of Ugo Umberti, a young Italian lawyer who recently joined a law firm in London. Ugo is an expert in legal matters, but less so in English…

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From Frustrated to Fun – How 4 People Found the Motivation to Learn English


Let’s face it, learning English is hard.

There will be times when it’s difficult to get motivated because you’re frustrated with the language.

There may be grammar concepts you don’t quite understand, or you just can’t seem to remember all those words on that vocabulary list. You might wonder if all those years you put into studying are worth it.

In fact, many people have felt the same as you. You are not alone.

Just when they feel like giving up, they found that with encouragement from others and some hard work, they were able to achieve their goals.

And you can too.

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Job Interviews in English – 5 Free Lessons to Help You Succeed


Job interviews make most people nervous, but when the interview is in English, it’s even worse!

Before your next interview in English it is important to prepare, to maximise your chances of getting that job.

So we have created a workbook to improve your English and help you answer with confidence.

The workbook contains 5 mini-lessons created by our teachers, and is free for you to download and use.

You can use it for self-study, or together with your teacher.

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From Good to Great – 4 Techniques to Perfect Your English


So you’ve gotten pretty good at communicating with clients and colleagues in English. Now what?

Are you happy with ‘good enough’, or do you want to be great? When it comes to learning a language your journey is far from over. In fact, it has just begun.

Sometimes, when we start getting really good at a skill, we tend to hit a plateau. That means that we get too comfortable and reach something called the ‘OK Plateau‘.

This is when we reach the point where we do something well enough that we stop improving.

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How Celebrities Learn English – 4 Tips from Shakira, Schwarzenegger and Penelope Cruz


Do you think that your English is not fluent enough to survive in an English speaking country?

Think again.

If you are skeptical, let me tell you a story of someone you almost certainly know…

He knew very little English when he decided to move to America. He took every type of English class you could think of: speech lessons, writing lessons, even accent-removal lessons.

Through hard work and perseverance he ended up becoming one of the richest and most powerful men in the country.

You might also know him as Arnold Schwarzenegger, the famous Hollywood actor and former governor of California.

His story shows what you can achieve when you work hard at something. But he’s not the only one who started a successful career with little-to-no English skills.

Below you will learn how Shakira, Penelope Cruz and ‘The Terminator’ have overcome language barriers.

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How to Prepare an Awesome Presentation in English


That was a great introduction your boss just delivered. The room is quiet and now it is your turn…your turn to speak.

Maybe you need to present your team, or deliver a sales pitch, or explain some figures and trends.

One thing is for sure: your presentation has to be awesome!

And your presentation will be in English, of course, as it is the language of communication at work.

Let’s think back: your English is quite decent – you can travel abroad and make yourself understood everywhere, you can communicate on the phone with your English-speaking colleagues and get the message across, and you write so many e-mails every day.

True, but these are familiar situations.

This time, however, you feel anxious because this presentation is formal and you have only one chance to get it right.

Speaking in public has always made you nervous, but speaking in public in English makes you twice as nervous.

Inspiration for a presentation - copyright ImagineCup

What can you do? Simply follow this guide, which will help you step by step to prepare an awesome presentation in English.

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