Job Interviews in English – 5 Free Lessons to Help You Succeed


Job interviews make most people nervous, but when the interview is in English, it’s even worse!

Before your next interview in English it is important to prepare, to maximise your chances of getting that job.

So we have created a workbook to improve your English and help you answer with confidence.

The workbook contains 5 mini-lessons created by our teachers, and is free for you to download and use.

You can use it for self-study, or together with your teacher.

The cover page of English for Job Interviews by TJ Taylor
Front cover of the Workbook, which can be downloaded below

What Will You Learn?

The lessons cover:

  • common interview questions in English
  • how to deal with the most difficult questions
  • how to respond to questions that you haven’t prepared for.

There’s also a section on dealing with recruitment agencies, and with the teacher book there are lots of opportunities to practice with guided role-plays.

How to Use the Workbook

(If you prefer, you can skip this explanation and go directly to the download section)

We designed the workbook for intermediate and lower advanced level students (B2 and C1 on the European scale), but it can be used by lower intermediate levels with guidance from a teacher.

It can also be used as a self-study guide, but was originally written to be used in class – there is also a teacher book to accompany the student workbook.

Each lesson takes 20-40 minutes in self-study, or 90 minutes with a teacher following the discussion exercises and role-plays in the teacher book.

A Guide for Teachers

The teacher book accompanies the student workbook, with lesson planning notes, role-plays and other ideas to encourage discussion and speaking practice.

The English for Job Interviews workbook was designed to be used ideally in class with a teacher, and needs minimal preparation – there are just some role-play cards to cut out.

The lesson notes can be adapted or expanded on depending on how much time you have available – it can be delivered as a full-day seminar of 7.5 hours, or 5 lessons of 90 minutes.

We’ve avoided simply giving lists of template phrases or words to memorise and parrot back. Instead, the workbook focuses on helping students reflect on the best responses and create a more personal answer, which they can then write down and review before the interview.

For most of the open questions, the questions are asked first and then the ‘answers’ in the form of notes or tips are given on the following pages.

Download Your Copy

Download the Student Workbook


Download the Teacher Book

(the Teacher Book includes lesson plans, role-plays and discussion ideas)

We have released the lesson materials under a Creative Commons licence, so they can be distributed and used freely, with attribution.

Let us Know How the Interview Goes

I hope the exercises will help you with your next job interview – and if you get the job, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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